East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc.

Regular Monthly Payments

​​Take the hassle out of reinstating disconnected services or settling NSF / Returned Checks.  

Contact EFRW to confirm the balance due including reconnect fees and deposits, then click                                         to enter your account number, your payment amount, and complete your transaction. 

You will get a confirmation receipt. When your transaction is complete, please contact EFRW with your confirmation, so that your services can be scheduled for reinstatement.


Reinstate Disconnected Service
​NSF / Returned Check Settlement

Note:  A small 3 1/2 % convenience charge (minimum of $.95) applies for use of this service.

Regular Monthly Payments . Reinstatement of Services . New Service Activation . NSF Check Settlements

New Service Activation

Water Utility Bill Due Date:   15th of Each Month

Your monthly bill is now available on-line!

In order to access and pay your monthly bill on-line, you must first register your phone number with EFRW.​​​  Your phone number will act as your pin# for accessing your account each month.

The online bill pay system will also require an active email address in order to complete your transaction and process your receipt.

Once your phone number has been registered with EFRW, just click 

and all accounts with your phone# will be viewable for payment on-line.

(When making payments with multiple accounts be sure you are selecting the correct accounts. Payments will be applied according to your selection and can not be reversed)

As an added benefit thru Xpress Pay after you register and make your 1st payment, you can select to receive an email each month advising you when new monthly bills are available on-line.


Incorporated 1972

On-line Bill Pay Options

Water Utility Billing Date:   Last Business Day of the Month

Reinstatement Payment Confirmation must be receive before 2 p.m. within 1 business day of disconnection in order to reinstate the same business day.   

Payments made at local banks will not be accepted for reinstatement!

​​​Applying for new service or transferring service has never been so easy.

** Customer application and Service Agreement must be received within 48 hours of receipt of payment; otherwise payment will be refunded. **


Download, complete, save and email the "Customer Application & Service Agreement" back to EFRW.  Upon submittal of your "Customer Application Service Agreement", you may submit your application fee and deposit online by clicking                                        .

When your transaction is complete, please contact EFRW with your confirmation #, so that your application can be processed.