Whereas, an idea to provide water to friends and neighbors began with a crane operator working side by side with engineers at Exxon to pull a water well, an inquiring mind eager to serve his community set about establishing contacts with Farmers Home Administration in an effort to secure funding.  With the assistance of Warren Taylor Price, Walter Siebert did, in fact, secure funding with Farmers Home Administration, and on June 22, 1972, East Feliciana Rural Water System was born.

Whereas, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Louisiana, and a nine member Board of Directors was appointed.  These members being Walter Siebert; Warren Taylor Price Jr., Lesley Matthews; Faye Morris; Richard King; Carrol Massey Jr., Ronald Anderson; Samuel Reese; and Rev. Dixie Major; worked vigorously to have wells drilled and lines installed.

Therefore, in July 1972, East Feliciana Rural Water went into operation with two wells and approximately 500 members online.  A dream became a reality , and continues to grow today with 7 wells and 3800 members.

Retirement 2001

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East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc.

Incorporated 1972

East Feliciana Rural Water System has been in the business of distributing "Safe Drinking Water" to residents for rural East Feliciana Parish for over 40 years.  Incorporated in June 1972 as a non-profit corporation, East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc. started out as a small rural system and has grown to nearly 4000 members serving rural areas from east to west of the parish and north of Slaughter to the city limits of Jackson and Clinton.  East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc. is under the direction of nine board members and employs eight workers.  In the beginning, East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc. ran its office out of Ms. Turby Brashier's home.  Upon Ms. Truby's retirement, the office was relocated to a temporary facility at the Battle Road well site.  Twelve years later, East Feliciana Rural Water System, Inc. permanently relocated its office to 10270 Highway 10, Ethel, La  70730.  

Walter Siebert

"Founding Father"